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Algos page lists all the algos created by the user so far.


Each listed algo gives the algo summary of the respective algo. On clicking an individual algo it show the list of all the scrips it was run on along with its backtest performance.

Algo Options

From algos page each algo can be either edited, copied, deleted or backtest details can be viewed. To see the algo options hover over the algo you want to take action on, on top right 3 blue dots will be visible, clicking on it toggles the algo option.

Algo options


To edit or modify the algo edit option can be selected, in case you want to fine tune it even more or change the parameters like Stop loss, take profit percentage or add addition entry or exit indicator. After editing the algo its modified summary will be reflected immediately.

Edit algo


As the name suggestes this option can be used to copy/fork the algo.


In case you want to delete the algo this option can be used.


If any of the scrip of the algo is live i.e. deployed live in the market, algo can neither be edited or deleted

Delete Algo


This option takes you to the backtest page where complete details of individual scrip performance can be seen using this algo.


Deploy allows users to take their algos live in the stock market(NSE) and get actionable alerts based on the entry and exit conditions in their algo.

The deploy button is greyed out when no algos are selected on backtest or algos page. Once you select any algo by clicking on the check box the deploy button turns Blue. This means you have selected one or more scrips and you are ready to deploy.

On clicking the "Deploy" button on either Backtest or Algos page, a popup is rendered with a summary of the user's algo with the entry condition, exit condition and candle interval. The user should also select the field "Algo cycle", which determines the period for which the algo will be live ( Algo cycle defines the loop of the algo : Entry followed by respective exit ) and our systems will track market movements. If "Intraday" is selected, the order type will be MIS and the algo will be live for that single day if the user selects "Overnight", the order type will be CNC for equities and NRML for future contracts and the algo will be live for the next 30 days (or until the algo is stopped by the user or terminated due to some reason such as order rejection or user subscription expires).

Deploy Algo

Deploy selected scrips