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Portfolio section allows you to view all F&O and intraday positions

It is divided into 2 sections:

  • Positions
  • Holdings


Positions consists of all the stocks, stock futures, and currency futures that the user might have entered during the day.

Irrespective of the direction (BUY/SELL) and the number of algo created for a single scrip the overall position can be viewed for the scrip on the positions page.

example If there is an entry from one algo which buys 1 stock of SBIN and an exit from another algo which sells 1 stock of SBIN both order type being MIS, then in positions the open quantity will be zero for the SBIN scrip provided you have not taken any position for SBIN directly or through any other algo. However both the algo will be still be live and continues to track position.

Positions also has a EXIT ALL option. You can access exit all by hovering over a particular scrip. The moment you click EXIT ALL a popup appears and upon action closes the position and terminates all the algos linked to that scrip.

Exit All


Holdings consists of all the the scrips that were not squared off or were Bought or Sold with CNC/NRML order type.

Search feature is available for user to filter scrips of choice, all matching scrips will be highlighted and rest scrips will be dimmed for better visualization.