How to change the name of my strategy?

You cannot change the name of an existing strategy. However, you can copy the strategy and save it under the name of your choice, while deleting the orginal strategy.

I could not find Option instruments in Scrip.

Streak does not support Option Contracts currently, because they have a component of time decay associated with it which makes backtesting tricky. Streak currently supports only Equity (Cash) and Equity, Currency and Commodity Futures.

I have subscribed to the Ultimate plan but I have not recieved a call from Streak platform expert.

After subscribing to the Ultimate plan, You just to write a mail to support@streak.tech requesting a callback and a platform expert will give you a call on your registered phone number.

I am using the Free Trial but I can't see any option to backtest using Heikin-Ashi.

You need to subscribe to any paid plans to use Heikin-Ashi. All plans are pre-coded and Heikin-Ashi is not available during the Free Trial

How much margin is required to deploy strategy in streak?

Your stock broker, Zerodha, provides leverage for your trades. Streak does not provide any additional leverage. You can get the margin requirment details here.

How do I set different quantity for different stock?

Currently, you cannot place different quantity for different stocks in the same strategy. Quantity mentioned during strategy creation is common for all scrips selected for the strategy. You need to create different strategies to set different quantities.

Can I set TP and SL in points instead of percentage?

No, you need to set TP SL in percentage currently. However, we would be releasing this feature shortly.

I dont want to put in TP SL for exit. I want to exit of the basis of an indicator.

You can implement this in Streak. You just need to set a large TP SL, (example TP: 50% SL: 50%) so that it does not get triggered easily. Then you need to set the exit condition. (example Close crosses below 50 EMA)

I backtested the Nifty 50 index, but after deployment, my orders are getting rejected.

You cannot place orders on indices itself since a index cannot be bought or sold. To trade on indices, you need to place orders on Futures instruments.

Why are backtests results are not matching?

In case your backtest result does not match, you can write a mail to support@streak.tech mentioning the details of the strategy(conditions) along with a screenshot.

Why time in backtest is different from actual signal?

Streak sends an entry/exit signal at the close of a candle. During a backtest, in the transaction details, the opening time of the signal candle is shown to mantian consistency with Kite chart. However, after deployment, you will get a notification at the close of the signal candle. The signal candle remains the same though.

How to scan futures?

You simply need to select NFO-FUT in "Scan on" field and set your conditions to run your scan.

Do I need to click on scan to get results or it will notify me once my scan conditions are met?

Scan results are not live currently. You will have click on "Scan" button to get updated result. Live scan notification is currently under development and will be released soon.

I am not able to go Long and Short with the same strategy. How do I implement this?

Streak currently does not support Long-Short strategies. You can only go Long or Short and hence you need to create two different strategies. Once for Long and another for short to take both Long and Short trades.

Why math functions are not there in create?

Math operators and functions will be available in the Create page soon.