1. How to reach us?

You can write to us at support@streak.tech

2. Can I get telephonic support? What is customer care number of Streak?

We provide Email support to all our users. You can write to support@streak.tech and we shall help you with all your queries. You can also join our Telegram Group using this to get quick IM response. We provide Handholding session over phonecall and remotedesk software to our 12-month Ultimate customers once they start their subscription. You can schedule your Handholding call by writing to support@streak.tech.

3. I don't have a demat account? Can I use Streak?

Currently you need to have a Trading account with Zerodha, Angel One, 5paisa, Upstox or ICICIdirect to use Streak. Though having a Demat account is not necessary to backtest or deploy strategies using Streak. However, without having a Demat account you cannot place any orders.

4. How to add funds in Streak? Are there any hidden charges of using Streak?

Streak is a paid platform and you need to have an active subscription and an account with Zerodha, Angel One, 5paisa, Upstox or ICICIdirect to use Streak. The balance in your trading account is used while placing orders. You do not need to add any additional funds. There are no other hidden charges.

5. Which plan do I need to subscribe to trade in options?

You need to subscribe to our Ultimate plan to create strategies on Options.

6. Can I use the Regular plan to trade in futures and CDS?

Yes, you can create strategies and scans on NFO Future instruments and CDS segment using our Regular plan.

7. How to change the name of my strategy?

You can easily change the name of an existing strategy. You just have to hover the mouse pointer over the stratgey/scanner name and you will see a blue pencil icon. You can click here to know more.

8. I have subscribed to the Annual Ultimate plan but I have not received a call from Streak platform expert.

After subscribing to the Annual Ultimate plan, you just need to write a mail to support@streak.tech requesting a callback and a platform expert will give you a call on your registered phone number.

9. I am using the Free Trial but I can't see any option to backtest using Heikin-Ashi.

You need to subscribe to any paid plans to use Heikin-Ashi. All plans are pre-coded and Heikin-Ashi is not available during the Basic 7 day Free Trial

10. How much margin is required to deploy strategy in streak?

Your stock broker provides leverage for your trades. Streak does not provide any additional leverage.

11. How do I set different quantity for different stock?

You can set different quantitiy for different instruments while deploying the strategy live. When you click on deploy, a pre-deployment window appears. You will find the option to mention the quantity for each instument, the type of deployment (Paper or Live) with other details.

12. Can I set TP and SL in points instead of percentage?

Yes, you can do this in Create Advanced mode. For more information on this, please read this blog

13. I dont want to put in TP SL for exit. I want to exit of the basis of an indicator.

You can implement this in Streak. You just need to set a large TP SL, (example TP: 99% SL: 99%) so that it does not get triggered easily. Then you need to set the exit condition. (example Close crosses below 50 EMA)

14. I backtested the Nifty 50 index, but after deployment, my orders are getting rejected.

You cannot place orders on indices itself since a index cannot be bought or sold. To trade on indices, you need to place orders on Futures instruments.

15. Why am I not being able to exit my CNC position? Why is it asking for TPIN? What is TPIN?

As per SEBI guidelines, you are required to submit physical Power of Attorney(PoA) for your demat account, in favour of your broker to avoid giving TPIN while exiting you delivery based(CNC) positions. In case you have not submitted a PoA, you can still sell your stocks from your demat but you would need to enter your TPIN + OTP while exiting. Please contact your broker regarding this.

16. Why are backtests results are not matching?

In case your backtest result does not match, you can write a mail to support@streak.tech mentioning the details of the strategy(conditions) along with a screenshot.

17. Why do we give notification on close of a candle?

Streak sends signals on the basis of Open, High, Low and Close data. The OHLC data is only available after a candle closes. The OHLC data is also used by most technical indicators for calculation. Streak checks the strategy condition after the close of every candle and sends a notification immediately. For more details read this article. Additionally, you can also check the discussions here.

18. Why time in backtest is different from actual signal?

Streak sends an entry/exit signal at the close of a candle. During a backtest, in the transaction details, the opening time of the signal candle is shown to maintain consistency with your broker terminal chart. However, after deployment, you will get a notification at the close of the signal candle. The signal candle remains the same though. You can read more about this here

19. How to scan futures?

You simply need to select NFO-FUT in "Scan on" field and set your conditions to run your scan.

20. Do you support CDS and MCX options? Why can't I find Finnifty options in Streak

Streak currently support stock and index options instruments in the NFO segment only. We would be adding support for CDS and MCX options in the future. Finnifty options will be added shortly.

21. Can I backtest a strategy on a specific day? What is the minimum backtest period?

No, several technical indicators takes some time to adjust and give correct values. This is because the indicator's current value is also dependent on previous candle indicator value. For example, EMA, RSI, ADX etc.

ADX is dependent on +DI and -DI, which in turn is dependent on ATR. Even ATR requires a small amount of data to adjust it's value. When you check the charts, the indicator is calculated considering all historical data. However, when you backtest and provide a start and a stop date, the data for only that period is fetched and then indicator based on your conditions is calculated and then your condition is checked. Hence you need to run the backtest for the entire 3 month, 1 year or 5 Year (depending upon your timeframe) and search the specific date in the Transaction details

22. How to download the Streak app?

You can download the app here -

23. I am not able to go Long and Short with the same strategy. How do I implement this?

Streak currently does not support Long-Short strategies. You can only go Long or Short and hence you need to create two different strategies. One for Long and another for short to take both Long and Short trades.

24. I want to exit before auto-square off time. How to do that in Streak? How to exit my positions at a specified time?

Yes, you can exit your positions at any specified time. You need to create an exit condition using Nth candle for this. Read this article to learn how to create conditions to exit at a specified time.

25. Is my strategy or scanner conditions private or can anyone see it and take undue advantage?

We make sure that all the strategies created by a user is only accessable by the user and is communicated with commercial grade SSL encryption. We would request you to kindly go through our privacy policy.

26. Notifications on app are coming late. What do i do?

You need turn off battery optimization for Streak app, since this does not allow the app to communicate with internet, as a result, notifications may get delivered later.

27. Why is Renko not available in the Create strategy page? Can i use Renko on Option strategies?

Renko is only available in Basic create, we are working on adding Renko in Advanced create, as a Renko bar formation is very different from candlesticks. Option instruments can only be accessed using the Advanced create, which is why you cannot create strategies using Renko for Options currently. We will be adding support for Renko in the Advanced create soon.

28. How do I crosscheck the signals?

Streak sends an entry/exit signal at the close of a candle. You can read this article to learn how to verify signals.

29. How to trail Stop loss in Streak?

You can use the Trailing SL parameter available in the exit condition, please watch this webinar or refer to this blog to know more. Alternatively, You can create exit conditions using a trailing indicator like Supertrend or ATR SL to trail your stop losss in Streak. Read this article to understand how to implement this.