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The Dashboard is the snapshot of:

  • Funds
  • Sample algos
  • Top performing algos



Funds section shows your current account value with margins used and account value.


Sample Algos

By default you will notice 3 sample algos, the moment you hover the mouse on the sample algos you will get 2 options

  • You can check the algo details
  • You can copy the algo

Sample Algo

Let's quickly copy the algo and get started. You will notice all the fields are filled and you just have to give a name and run backtest. This will run the backtest on default stock that is selected. You can also add other stocks and run backtest and see the performance of the algo.

Users can check the sample algos provided on the dashboard to understand the working of indicators and how to use them. Streak is not responsible for any profits/losses occurred after deploying sample algos in the market

Copy Sample Algo

To copy sample algo provided, from the 3 dots option select copy you will be redirected to the create page with the sample algo details pre-filled.

You can either modify the sample algo as per your requirements like adding more scrips, changing candle interval, quantity, stop loss percentage, take profit percentage or even combine it with additional entry or exit indicator or you have to enter your preferred algo name and click BACKTEST.

Copy sample algo

Top Performing Algo

Once you start creating the algos on your own, the Top 3 performing algos reflect on your dashboard page.

Top Performers


The sample algos and top performing algos are only based on Backtested results and not actually traded algos.


Usage section gives you the summary of the


  • Algos
    • Created so far
    • Backtested
    • Deployed
  • Alerts
    • Total alerts sent
    • Action taken on alerts
    • Expired alerts