With Streak you have the ability to papertrade your backtested strategies. Paper trading allows users to place hypothetical trades based on real-time stock market prices. This is most helpful if you want to test your strategy on out-of-sample data (new data / Forward testing) or if you are trying out Streak for the first time or if you are new to the stock market.

Paper trading enables the user to test the potency of their strategies without risking any real capital. After putting a strategy up for papertrading you can monitor the performance of your strategy and then deploy it in the live market (Live Trade) to receive notifications only if it performs well.

You can easily deploy your strategies for papertrading with a single click now.

Paper Trading


Paper trading places buy/sell orders generated by the deployed strategy. These orders are stored in the orderlog of the strategy. You can verify paper trades by following the chart and marking the orders listed in orderlog.

The data in the orderlog for strategies deployed for papertrading is only available till midnight.