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Chart To Backtest

Chart to backtest(CTB) converts the plotted chart into a set of conditions and generates a backtest result. You can modify the conditions, parameters, dates and re-run the backtest to customize your analysis of the chart to get more desired results.

Assumption for CTB

Below are the assumptions which are used by the CTB system.

  1. The indicators along with its parameters applied by the user, are directly used in creating the conditions. Do note that this is applicable only for the list of indicators supported by Streak (see full list). The indicators are used to make conditions in any one of the generic ways and backtest are run on the same.
  2. The backtest uses MIS (intraday) by default for chart time-frames less than 10 minute, and CNC/NRML (overnight) for other time frames.
  3. The positions for MIS are exited at Square-off time of 15:15 or due to the default TP/SL of the backtest. The positions for CNC/NRML are exited due to the default TP/SL of the backtest or due to expiry in case of Futures/Options contract.
  4. The backtest uses default TP/SL depending on the chart time-frame used, for all supported segments, as defined in the tables below.

    Table for all segments other than NFO-OPT

    Timeframe Min TP/SL % Max TP/SL %
    1min - 5min 1 2
    10min 2 4
    15min 2 5
    30min 2 5
    hour 2 8
    day 2 8

    Table for NFO-OPT segment

    Timeframe Min TP/SL % Max TP/SL %
    1min - 30min 5 20
    hour - day 20 50
  5. The backtesting trade direction is selected based on the recent trend of the instrument.

  6. Any unsupported chart type defaults back to candlestick chart, and any unsupported time-frame defaults to the nearest supported timeframe.
  7. If no indicator has been plotted on charts or when an indicator is plotted which is not supported by Streak, the backtest is run on any of the common price action conditions like opening range breakouts or previous day breakouts using the values of OHLCV (Open, High, Low, Close, Volume of the candlestick chart). This is just the default mechanism of the platform and should not be construed as recommendation or trading/investment advice.

Indicator supported in CTB

List of indicators supported by Streak in CTB

  1. Money Flow Index
  2. ADX
  3. Moving Averages
  4. Williams %R
  5. Stochastics (in TradingView charts)
  6. Moving Average Deviation
  7. Supertrend
  8. Bollinger Bands
  9. PSAR
  10. Pivot Points (Standard)
  11. volume
  12. MACD
  13. CCI
  14. VWAP
  15. Detrended
  16. ATR
  17. Aroon
  18. Aroon Osc
  19. On Bal Vol
  20. Momentum Indicator (MOM)
  21. RSI


Chart to Backtest or CTB is not to be construed as trading or investment advice. We do not recommend any indicator or strategies. The CTB function on Kite charts is just to help you understand how a stock or option or any contracts has performed over a period of time in a user friendly format as shown in transaction details.