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About Scanner

The Scanner is a discovery tool that lets you scan thousands of stocks across equities, currencies, and commodities to find top performing stocks according to user-defined search queries. The proprietary technology features 40+ indicators, Advance Math Functions, Lightning speed results, My scans, Popular scans, Custom Basket, Scan to Buy/sell integration, and Scan to Deployment options to enable disciplined trading.

Scanning is different from Backtesting

In Backtesting, the strategy used relies on historical data to study a stock’s previous behaviour and predict future movements. In scanners, the algorithm uses a mix of historical data and near-real-time data according to the time interval to scan stocks that meet the parameters of a specific search.

New Scan

In a new scan, you can choose to discover performing stocks from Nifty 50, Nifty 100, Nifty 500, MCX, CDS, Energy, Communication Services, Materials, Consumer Discretionary, Consumer Staples, Industrials, Health Care, IT, Financials, Utilities, and Real Estate while capping the time frame between 1 Minute to 1 Day. The Chart Types available for screening includes Candle Sticks and Heikin Ashi.


Candlesticks and how they work

Scanners cumulate historical data and near real-time data sets. This lets you use historical data and near-real-time data to analyze candlesticks to gauge the performance of chosen stocks.


These mathematical Indicators include predefined metrics to help you identify a bullish, bearish or sideways trend.

Example: If you want to find stocks in Nifty 500, where Supertrend has become bullish and is showing Buy in last 5mins, then you can simply say in scanner "close higher than Supertrend and close(-2) lower than Supertrend" and bam, in less than a second, it will show you all the Scrips which have met the criteria.


The Assist feature makes it easy for you to automatically insert popular Indicators. The indicator data base includes SuperTrend, RSI, EMA, SMA, PSAR, Bollinger Band, Volume, William R%, On Balance Volume (OBV), and Money Flow Index among others.

There are two ways to choose to a mathematical indicator

The easy way is to turn on the Assist feature to auto-fill chosen indicator. In this method, the variables are filled with default values. These values are pre-set specific to the indicator. This method is best for novice traders or for those who are using said indicator for the first time and are trying to understand its functionalities.

Assist on

The other way is to manually fill the indicators, math functions, and comparators with preferred values.


We urge you to tweak values in chosen indicators after getting familiar with its functionalities and nature of results. This helps you use the indicator in a personalized way and find the value set that is delivering the best results according to you.

Assist off

Scan and Save

After the scan is run and the resulting stocks are displayed, you can either choose to save all the stocks or specific stocks and save them in a basket. A basket allows easy access to scanned stocks and you can save scans according to the nature of scan conducted.

Backtest through create

If you run a scan to find performing stocks in Nifty 50 with Super Trend, you can save it as Nifty 50 – Super Trend to remember it easily.

Baskets can also be used directly when creating a new backtesting strategy. While creating a backtesting, instead of selecting stocks individually, you can choose a basket to run a strategy on stocks in that basket.